From the examination to the admission

  • 1st term
  • 2nd term
  • 3rd term
  • 4th term
  • 1
  • Application
  • 2019.9.1-2019.11.26
  • Written test
  • 2019.12.7-12.8
  • Interview test
  • 2019.12.14(12.15)
  • Pre-admission
  • 2020.1.17
  • Pre-admission interview
  • Preparatory courses
  • Application to target university and final admission acceptance
  • Enrollment and application of visa
  • Travel to Japan
  • 10
  • University entrance


Japan University Examination(JPUE) selects the students most suitable to admission policy of the specific university based on the results of “written test and skill test ”and “interview test”. After the qualification of the university, the “Pre-admission” will be given to the selected.
The “Pre-admission”will be given to each students. It include the announcement of the entrance fee, the information of the canditions for free tuition fee, scholarship, dormitory and support services, as well as the interview requirement and the points requirements for other tests.
Additionally, if the university require the students to take the “Preparatory courses”, the students is required to take it before the official admission.
Finally, the announcement of admission will be given when the students clear all those requirements provided, and made the sufficient procedure for admission, and certify the final examination.
Preparatory courses …
"Preparatory courses" included curriculum of "Japanese" and "Japanese culture", etc. This is a program that provides a total of 360 classes (about half a year) for 90 minutes per class. The goal is advanced Japanese language ability (N2 or higher in JLPT) to understand Japanese university classes.