April 2020 Admission 2nd term Schedule

Application Jan.1,2019 - Feb.25,2019
Written test May.11,2019
Interview test May.18, 2019

April 2020 Admission Schedule

For April 2018 Admission:

Schedule 1st term 2nd term 3rd term
Application opens(1st) Open(1st round) August 20, 2018 (Mon) January 1,2019 (Tue) May 1,2019 (Wed)
Close(1st round) October 1,2018 (Mon) February 25,2019 (Mon) June 3,2019 (Mon)
Application opens(2nd) Open(2nd round) October 6,2018 (Sat) March 1,2019 (Fri) June 8,2019 (Sat)
Close(2nd round) November 30,2018 (Fri) April 30,2019 (Tue) July 15,2019 (Mon)
Written test December 8&9,2018 (Sat/Sun) May 11&12,2019 (Sat/Sun) July 20&21,2019(Sat/Sun)
Interview December 15,2018(Sat) May 18,2019 (Sat) July 27,2019 (Sat)
Pre-admission announcement January 17,2019 (Thu) May 31,2019 (Fri) August 2,2019 (Sat)
Advisory meeting for Pre-admission applicants January 19&20,2019 (Sat/Sun) June 1&2,2019 (Sat/Sun) August 3&4,2019 (Sat/Sun)
Preparatory courses application deadline January 27,2019 (Sun) June 9,2019 (Sun) August 11,2019 (Sun)
Preparatory courses start February 2, 2019 (Sat) June 13,2019 (Thu) August 13,2019 (Tue)
Preparatory courses end Late-July,2019 Late-November,2019 Late-January,2020
Final admission annoucement October,2019-January,2020 October,2019-January,2020 October,2019-January,2020
Enrollment procedure Mid-January,2020 Mid-January,2020 Early-February,2020
Apply for visa Mid-February,2020 Mid-February,2020 Mid-February,2020
Study in Japan Early-April,2020 April,2020 April,2020
※ If the number of applicants increase, "Type I" interview test can be set as multiple schedules by adding days before and after of the interview schedule. In that case, "Type II" applicant will be prioritized to take the Day 1 "Type I" interview test. ※ The number of days of examination varies depending on the application type. For details on the application type, please refer to <6) Notes of the application> below. ※The schedule may be changed accordingly. ※If the no. of candidates who apply for the exam exceeds the quota, the 2nd round of application period will be cancelled.